Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What A Month.

Well it's just over a month since my last update and I can't believe the month I've had. To say the least it has been a different than I imagined. I thought I'd be celebrating the amazing position I was offered at Madcap and there is no celebration.
I said in my last post that I had been offered a position of a lifetime. I resigned from Madcap to work locally in the Bannockburn cafe. On my last day at Madcap, Greg Aimers, a man who helped me through a trying couple of months, came to me and asked if I'd stay on at Madcap and just help with the training of the new trainees. Which meant being a task mentor and showing them the way we do different stations in the Cafe. I spoke to one of the previous trainees who had just finished the six month, that the trainee ship runs for and I asked how they found the training over their six months and was told "what training".
I didn't have to think any longer, I felt that there was a lacking with this area in the cafe and wanted to see that each trainee has someone to show them each area and also they could go to and ask for assistance if there is something they didn't understand without feeling that they were not coping with the situation.
I went to Paul at Bannockburtn cafe and explained to him the situation and he was so understaning, so I took 2 weeks off and in the first week helped Paul to just get the cafe a little more smooth.
I had Cherie to work with and together got the cafe the coffee reputation they had lost. They went from horrible coffee, to awesome coffee. Go Banno Cafe.
On the 14th of November I restarted at Madcap and was very very nervous and so excited at the same time. I met and got to know the new trainees and new I had made the correct decision.
The went went smoothly and I felt an instant connection with the 7 trainees.
On week 2, I had a really bad feeling in my stomach on the weekend. Greg was a great support and was taking the week off. Noooo, to soon.
Monday morning was a little difficult, I heard that Pathways were querying my position. Tuesday there was an extremely tense feeling in the cafe as some staff were unable to make shifts. I offered to work on the Sunday to help out if necessary. All seemed okay when I left on the Tuesday. 
Here we go, Wednesday morning when I was driving to work I called David to just hear his voice as I had an uneasy feeling. Couldn't put my finger on it, just not comfortable. 
When I got to the cafe there were some people there to catch up with Louise, this is the beginning.
I sat with the trainees to start going through there introduction to the Cert 3 in retail which is a part of the trainee ship.
Half way through I was called into the office for a talk with the powers from above. No it wasn't God. 
As soon as I entered the office I new this was bad. 
Chez what is your position here was the first question I remember, then from there I felt that my dream job was to turn into a nightmare.
I can't really remember the questions as I was in shock. There were things asked about why and what I was doing and the main thing I remember is "YOUR POSITION DOESN'T EXIST".
I work in the cafe, I serve the customers, take coffee and food out to the customers, bring dishes in from the dining area, wash dishes, along with showing the trainees the use of the register.
I was crying uncontrollably. How can this be?
The End of Madcap was happening.
When I had resigned to work at Bannockburn I was struggling at Madcap. There is so much she said you said and bickering going on. People in general are not happy there and when Paul offered for me to go to work with him I thought, close to home. 20 minutes travel a day not 1 hour. No car parking fees, less petrol consumption and 10 am til 2.30 pm Monday to Friday. What a dream. Then the offer from Greg. I felt so proud to be offered the position and couldn't wait.
Well off course when I worked with Cherie she took off at amazing rate with the coffee and cafe at Bannockburn and so was doing extra hours and the position I was to do is gone. I couldn't stay and work at Madcap as I had previously, as if anything the place was becoming a disaster for the staff. The amount of distress I see there is so worrying. It is wrong for people who work in a place that gives trainee ships to people with mental health conditions to be becoming depressed and anxious. 
So now I'm officially working with David at our motor mechanics business a little to help out and wait upon God to giver me direction for my future. I know that I will be fine and I will do anything I can to support to beautiful people I made a relationship at Madcap. 
To Anthony Cheeseman, you are an inspiring man who by starting Madcap has made an amazing difference in peoples lives. Not only the sufferers of Mental health but also their support people, carers and families. May God bless you abundantly. 
To Ed, at Kakaloka, I thank you for being an amazing man and supplying the best coffee I have had and worked with and being and great man. 
To my co workers of Madcap Geelong I love you and have had a great time working with you. 
To Pathways Geelong you have a responsibility to the people who are working in the cafe and I pray you step up and make things right. I believe in Madcap and pray that all things will be repaired.
Goodbye to the last 7 months. 

Now for the great part of the last month.

On Saturday the 12th we went for a drive with Greg and Megan to Bendigo. I knew what we were up to and told David we were going to go for a drive with them to visit Megan's uncle. David didn't believe me but went along. He told me later in the day he thought it was something to do with a car. 
We found the address that we had and when we pulled up Greg said. "dad we are here to get your Christmas present now go pick one.
This is a photo from trading post. How do you pick ONE? We spent a lot of time to get to know all these little ones and ended up choosing our new family member.
Isn't he so cute.
This is Hunter. He was born on September 15th and he is our spoiled baby.
First Walk.

So yes, I do think he is the best dog in the world. Except when he uses me as a chew toy for his baby teeth. And he is the most clever dog ever. There will be many photos added over time as he is so cute. Oh I think I said that already.
This is my desk top at the moment.
Thanks for reading, see you later.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


With life changing and offers being made to me on my future working opportunities and am excited and fearful at the same time.
I have had an offer made to me which is probably the most amazing thing I could have imagined.
I had doubt that I could do it, as my own self worth is often not what it could be.
If I wasn't up for it I wouldn't have had it offered to me.
I cannot reveal the position until it's made public so it sounds confusing.
This morning I had a peek at Joyce Meyer's Tweets and read
Do you fear failure?
You don't have to.
That is all I had to read to realise that Fear is not of God.
I can do all things through He who strengthens me.
I have been offered an opportunity and I will embrace it.
 Photos form my backyard.
If God loves me enough to give us flowers and birds, then surely he will give us the desires of our heart if we just ask.

Hopefully next update will be to share the new position I have.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Is it appropriate to run late and not notify people of your lateness?
Are you being selfish when you put what is best for you ahead of what is best for someone else?
Why do we tend to put others before ourselves if it will harm our self worth?
If we don't love ourselves how can we love others?
Does the sun come out every day for us?
Does the sun go down and the stars shine for me?
Do I deserve the best life has to offer me?
Is my time as important as yours?
Am I a priority or an option?
 Do I love my life?
Am I happy?
Do I get sad?
Do I miss people who are not in my life anymore?
Do I have regrets?
Are you one?
Am I strong?
Are you shocked at what I can do?
Have I grown as a person?
Am I proud?
Is the sun shining now?
Am I smiling?
Are you smiling?
Is everything going to be alright?
Is everything going to be great?
Do you look for the good in things?
Is your glass half full or half empty?
Do you like to drink a glass of milk?
Would it make you think of being a kid again?
Do you remember being a kid?
Do you hug people?
Would you like a hug?
Does laughing make you feel good?
Do you laugh enough?
Do you walk bare feet on the grass?
Do you sing in the shower?
Even if your voice isn't the greatest do you sing out loud?
Are you singing now?
Is it out loud or in your head?
What is your favorite memory at this moment?
Do you like ice cream with nuts and topping?
Do you like coke burps?
Do you like swimming?
Can life get too hard sometimes?
Do you  stop to prioritize yourself?
If birds were people would they sit and what TV at night instead of snuggling under each others wings?
If you could change the colors of the rainbow would you?
Is the smell of cut grass a good memory?
Can you sometimes smell it when it's going to rain?
Do you like that smell?
Do streams run or just enjoy the ride?
If streams had arms, would they raise them high when going fast and say WEEEEEEEEEE?
Am I crazy?
Do I care?
Do I feel good?
Am I smiling?
Do I love to have long showers?
Am I going to have one now?
La la la. La lala la...Hmmmm hmmm lalalala

Monday, October 24, 2011

Vege Patch

Last week we packed up Mum's unit for her to go into Costa House. There was so much to pack up and so many things to decide what was to be kept and by who. I have Mum's bed and whenever I need I can lay on it and feel close to her. I got her old sewing box that I can't remember not having in the old kitchen at Florence street whenever we needed to mend something. Also I have the old jug that Mum always had cordial made up in whenever we wanted a drink. They are some things that I am so proud to have. An old lolly tin with sewing needles. Who needs fancy containers when you can have an old tin, that is full of old needles and memories.
Anyway there was bit and pieces that were too good to get rid of but not something that anyone needed. One thing was Mum's TV until that Blacky (my brother Craig) had made many years ago out of Oregon from a pergola. It was a fantastic unit and the most solid piece of furniture ever but with TV's getting bigger the size was not quite appropriate for today's TV's. David thought it would make a great risen vege patch but I was a little concerned thinking that it was disrespectful of Blacky's work all those years ago.
When I went to Mum's the other night it was there and going to the op shop as no-one was having it. No way I was letting that happen so in the van it went and we took it home.
So now it's our vege box and hopefully in a couple of months I'll show you a photo of all our wonderful crop of vege's.

Monday, October 17, 2011


My Mum, where do I start.
This is a Photo at a family day at the You Yangs last year. Mum loves family time...

Well I'm starting at right now.
Yesterday we moved mum into Costa House in low level, low care. It was her decision to go and I'm so glad she did. It is so lovely over there and the staff are amazing.
She has been getting more and more confused over the past couple of months and with a couple of recent falls thought it was a good idea.
Donna my baby sister has been Mum's carer and it's a huge responsibility and I probably don 't know the half of it.
I am so very proud of her.
Donna at the same You Yangs day..
I have spoken to Don this morning and Mum had 6 hours straight sleep last night and that is very good for her. I feel that is a great start for her. 
Mum is a great mum. She had a tough start to life, giving up school to help care for her family when her Mum passed away, when she was only about 13 years for age. 
She married Dad, who already had Lorraine from his first marriage and went on to have 7 of her own children to raise. Then as the last of us got married, Dad went into Flinders Lodge with Motor Neurone Disease. 
She is always caring for someone and it's amazing to see that she still has an amazing heart and cares for and worries about everyone of her Children, Grand children and Great grand children.
Love you Mum. You are amazing. xxxx
Me, Mum & Donna at my fiftieth. Not the best of me & Don but best of us with Mum on the day.
This ones better of us but not of Mum. Had to publish both. Fairs fair.
Love you so much Don.. You are awesome.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Apple Blossom

On Thursday I was happily wandering around the garden and thought about the apple blossom. The tree is covered in blossom at the moment and it looks great. Proves that in my earlier blog about pruning we did okay.
I thought about the fact that things you can buy at fragrant apple blossom but I have never actually smelt it. It is so beautiful and naturally so sweet. It looks great and it also smells great.
This morning while walking around the garden again the breeze came across and as the blossom was falling I thought it may be what snow is like when falling.
Take some time while out and about if you see fruit tress with blossom to have a smell.
Don't we take some thing for granted. Really blossom comes and goes so quickly that we can't wait for the fruit, however without the blossom there wouldn't be any fruit.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Safety Warning

House work is a health hazard if not done in correct safety gear.
I love my Tefal Express Iron. It is one of the best house hold appliances I have bought in my adult life.
It cuts ironing time done and gives great results. I could sell these for a living, I love it that much.
Isn't it great.
Okay that being said, There is dangers to be had for not wearing safety gear such as pants and t shirts.
Underwear is a risk when it comes to high pressure steam irons. 
Unfortunately I speak through experience.
My Tummy
Yes, I was ironing in my underwear and I did burn my tummy. May not look that bad to you but if it was on your tummy you'd think it was bad.
Lesson to self "wear protective clothing when ironing".

Thursday, October 6, 2011


R & R, Relax and Redo.
I know it's not what everyone thinks when they hear R&R but yesterday I was going to go to Werribee Zoo with friend, however poor, poor Sand was feeling poorly and so we have postponed our visit to see the animals.
Okay, so since we've been at Lethbridge there are a few things that I still haven't been able to lay hands on and I decided to spend some time looking for my rotary cutter so I can start the quilt for Baby Anderson.
I went through some drawers, then one thing led to another and before you know it I was in the front bedroom rearranging.
We have had our clothes in the wardrobes in the front room since we moved in and hopefully it won't be long before we have our friend April visiting from the Philippines.
That said, we had 4 old wardrobes in the front room and the back room was supposed to be where we have our clothes. We already had 1 wardrobe in the back room so it seamed quite easy a solution. Wrong.
First thing first, get our clothes out of the front room. then get the wardrobes out of the front room, all except one to stay there for use.
Well, 1 old chook (me) and furniture to be moved, makes for fun. I nearly gave up at one stage thinking I'd wait for David to come home, then I became determined to have it finished to show him.
It would have been so good to have it recorded to look back at and laugh at my moving skills but it's not so use your imagination. I must say, I puffed and panted and pushed and pulled and got it all done. Went out to the garage and got the bed and put it together and now instead of a storage room we have a spare room just waiting for April to arrive. 

Now that is the story of the redo and now that relax.
Last night after a busy day of redoing, I felt so wonderfully relaxed.
It was an amazing day. I was by my self, at home all day, doing what I want and even though there were a few though nearly give up moments I felt so relaxed at the end of the day.
I love my home very much and am so blessed to have this place of comfort and peace to call our own.

Oh, by the way I didn't find my roatry cutter. Maybe today, I don't start work til 1pm.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Barista Competition

Last night I competed in the Madcap Barista Competition.
I was so nervous and it's ridiculous because it's what we do every day.
In the morning, well around lunch time, I went with Estelle to Kakaloka in Melbourne to see the company and meet with Nadine Norman who is the 2011 Danes Gourmet Barista Champion. It was amazing to meet her and get training and tips from her. A truly beautiful young lady.

Then in the evening I went to Madcap Geelong to compete against my work team. It was so good to just have a go.
Anthony Cheeseman
and Nadine were the judges and we won't find out for 3 weeks, who the 3 are from Geelong cafe who will go on to compete against the other Madcap cafe winners from Fountain Gate and Dandenong.
I feel so privileged to work somewhere so inspiring and encouraging in all aspects. It doesn't matter if you win or not it's just the chance you get to try to improve on your every day skills in making excellent coffee.
I am so greatful to work for Madcap. The opportunity to go to a great place to work make great food and coffee and support people who need the opportunity to be trained to get back into the work force after being out due to mental health is just a blessing.

4 x Single Espresso shots
4 x Latte
4 x Cappuccino 
All in ten minutes.
Made it with 10 seconds to spare.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cold Spring Day

Well today, being Thursday is my day off and I got David to take my car to work to hopefully fix the wheel bearing or whatever it might need. 
We are having some friends come for dinner so it was my intention to not go far and have a nice home day.
Well, it's so cold. Who would want to go out, especially after some of the lovely days we've had.
I had to quickly pop into Bannockburn for a few things and everyone was commenting on the weather. And as I got home across the road to my delight was a family of ducks, enjoying the ran.
So when I ask myself, "who would be happy in this weather", I say the old saying 
"Great weather for Ducks"
And I'm sure they agree.

Monday, September 26, 2011


After my lovely day yesterday last night I had a low night. I will not go into details however I will say I am now growing in my hurt.
I am a good person and try to watch my P's & Q's so as not to hurt people.
I cried so much last night I could not focus my eyes.
So, sandy, dry, itching eyes is not a way to start a day.
I have gotten up this morning and designed the quilt to make for little Froglet and I will have a great day. I am stronger than you think.
Go down in the valley and see the streams of beauty.

This is a valley.
 This is at the bottom of the valley.
Beautiful don't you think?

Can't Wait To Be A NANNY

Today was a good day. Had a relaxed morning pottering at home. Then out to Lara to go out to lunch with David.
After lunch I went and picked up Georgi and we went shopping for quilt fabric for me to make my Grand baby and quilt. It was so awesome to be able to go and pick the fabric together and with what I new Georgi liked, the fabric we picked together is what I think I would have picked on my own. Can't wait to get started. We did have a quick browse through Motherworld on the way past.
Me & Georgi at Geoff & Georgi' engagement.

We left the quilt shop and popped around to Kaisercraft and had a look. It is such a weird feeling going there as I left working there with so many crazy emotions. I am so glad we did. I got to see Maureen who I worked with and I didn't realise how much I missed her until I saw her again today. She was a great work mate who I had many laughs and tears with in only a short working time. I will not let this friendship  which was formed through a work relationship go.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spring Sunshine

So glad I had my camera with me today. It was lovely and sunny as I was driving home and I got some snaps.
Oh and a lama or is it a alpaca. Oh, I thinks, he thinks, he's a sheep.
Then to top it off, the river I cross, each time I come through Maude. Delightful.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Emily. The Little French Girl.

Emily, the little French girl...
We cannot understand her and she us, however it does not stop her talking to us. On day one she was a little shy with us adults but there was an instant connection with the children. No one understanding each other but playing like they did and could understand the language of play.
We didn’t see her on day 2 but then on day 3, here we all are again.  Two Filipino children, 1 Filipino adult & 2 Aussie adults, I suit here at the edge in the shade of the umbrella. As I’m reading, every now and then look up to watch them play! Everyone else is the pool.  As David takes 8 year old Sarah to the deep end she calls out for her Mumma, three quarters in fun and one quarter in slight fear of the unknown.
While I sit, young Emily runs to me with many worrying words of concern and the only one I understand is Mumma. She is pointing to David and Sarah at the deep end. She is telling me in her way that he should take her back to her Mumma. Absolute beauty!
As we all sit, her Mumma & Pappa over the other side of the pool watch on. Three nationalities all together enjoying life the only separation is language.
I remember on Sunday afternoon as Emily and her Mumma sat at the pools edge, we wondered is there a father to this family or were it just mother and daughter. A sad but common fact, that often a family is now only one parent. Then, with the most glorious joy in her voice he arrives, Pappa. She runs to greet him and the kiss as though it has been forever, however it was only this morning.
Now this afternoon as we all enjoy the day and Pappa enters the pools, she speaks to tell us something about Pappa. We don’t know any of her words except Pappa. Once again, as she did with Sarah, she was looking out now for her Pappa. He Translates “You splashed my Pappa”. Her concern for him was beautiful, the way life should be. Caring for others! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Brthday Kimbo.

Today is my very special friend, Kim's 50th birthday, I raced her to 50 but she is close behind me.
I only had to work til 2pm today, so when I finished I went and had a nice pedi, then took coffee over to see Kim. By the way she looks so much better at 50 than she did at 49. She does it well and it's only day one.
I came home and it was still light outside so I wanted to take some photos but I left the camera on and it's totally flat so this is one I took Monday. 

So loving the country side around here.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Future Fruits

I couldn't help but take a photo of these gorgeous strawberry flowers.
When we first looked at buying the house I was excited by the strawberry patch. Now we have our own flowers which will soon be fruit.
The fruit trees are also covered in blossom and I look forward to Apples, Apricots and Nectarines.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Busy Saturday

Today Madcap was MAD. From when I started at 12 it was full throttle 'til shut.
David and I were going to go to the movies to see Red Dog tonight but he wasn't ready when I got home and I didn't mind a bit.
SO it's a quiet night in for us 2.

I didn't take a photo today but this one I took on Thursday and I love it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My heart

A new day, a different frustration. I am so weary at the moment and feel that all is too hard.
I need to place myself in a place of importance.
I am going to be strong and be kind to myself.
Each new day will allow me to see that I am creation of God and it is an insult to my creator to not be me.
I will find time to Love, Laugh, Hug, Cry, Rest, and go at it all again another day.
Each day I will take a photo of whatever I feel touches my soul. I will embrace my love for photography.
I am the holder of my days and will not be bought down.
This is what's in my heart today.
So take me on. I'm ready.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Yesterday I decided to try my hand at pruning now that I'm a country girl.
I had no idea how to prune so I turned to my wonderful friend Google.
Well off course it came through.
I printed off the instructions and out I went with my secateurs at hand.
Well I don't think there is an arborist living who would pee their pants laughing at my attempt and we will try to find someone to finish off the job.
I can hold my head high knowing I tried to do it myself before calling in the exert.
Hope I didn't do too much damage to our tree.
Diagram inserted below, How could I go wrong.. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Work and Stuff

Well I had a couple of days off work but went back yesterday (Friday) and all is back to normal. Well as normal as it gets at Madcap Geelong. Yikes. I think it was my second hardest day since the business started. No names or explanations just a hard day. 
Got home last night to watch the footy. Oh it was so great to see Geelong thrash Collingwood. It's good to beat any team but such a victory over them is, hmmmm just awesome.
Work again today. Saturday
I find it so hard to comprehend how people can work in the same place day after day and not have the initiative to do what needs doing without being told over and over again. Is it really that hard.
David went off to Ultimate fighting with Greg and some others so I took then opportunity to go visit Meggie Purdy and the kids. She is one amazingly great friend. I so enjoy her company.
Home now. Got in at 11 pm, made a batch of Yummy balls to take a plate to Church tomrrow for fathers day, dishes done and in bed by 11.30... NICE.
Well this fantastic sunny Saturday is drawing to an end so it's good night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite. xx

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Today is not so good.
I went to work only to come home not feeling well. I put my symptoms down to working at Westfield. I very rarely get colds or tummy bugs but saying that have had a head cold for 8 weeks and now a tummy bug. Rested all afternoon and don't expect to do much tomorrow. Shopping center air conditioning has a lot to answer to I think.
Why is it that when youn feel so terrible you still see the floor that needs vaccuming and have a feeling of guilt?

My type is in blue as thats how i feel. Blue is not a blue color. It is a calm and restful color. When  say I feel blue I actually feel more like grey or brown. I do like the color blue..

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New start

I have had trouble updating my chezloveslife blog so today I started a fresh. My new blog Chezziegirl is for me to journal my days.
I turned 50, 12 days ago and it's not old.
Today I was duty manager at Madcap Cafe Geelong where I work.
I felt we had a good day.
After work I went and watched my Boys Geoff & Gregg play Dodgeball. Yes it's a real game and it is so good.
On my way home from there I listened to Focus on the Family and heard a story on Melissa Ohden. An Abortion Attempt Survivor. One totally amazing Story.
As i look at the ultrasound picture of my 13 week Grand Baby I see life is totally amazing, 7 cm long and we can see the mouth, hands, feet. It is a tiny baby. A living being.