Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Where Has The Time Gone

Well it's been so long since I have posted anything on here.
I haven't scrapped for months and have been so caught up I haven't even posted a note.
I packed up my scrap room at the end of August to paint it out, as Geoff, Georgi and Charlie have come to live. So David and I now reside in the Bungalow.
It is small but we are so at home there. So far so good.
This is a layout I did the last time I blogged but hadn't uploaded it.
I love this photo.
It's of Greg & Meggie at Geoff & Georgi's wedding.
So that was months ago and this week I went to visit my friend Al and we scrapped.
The first one is a photo I took while in India. It was when Megan & I went to Fisherman's Cove Resort for a quick but wonderful break.
I took many photo's of this beautiful little girl by the pool. hanks to the zoom lens no one was the wiser.
Bit crooked the uploaded but I'm okay with that. Hope you are too?
Then this is a layout of Poppy (David) with Charlie on the motor bike. 
So if you had have asked me half way through the year I would have said I'd get 60 to 70 layouts done this year. Now I am hoping to get 52 done. Next year I'll do better. It's not 52 layouts for the year for me, it's at least one per week. I missed many weeks and my goodness I have not been the same without it. 
Scrapping is therapy. I hope to post again next week. 

Oh, by the way I have been making my wheat bags through out the year and at time for days on end. It sounds like an excuse, it's not. Just letting everyone know I have wheat bags if anyone wants them for Christmas presents. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vow Renewal

Okay this layout was done 1 months ago but I hadn't loaded it up. I have not scrapped for 4 weeks but I hope to get a layout or 2 done this afternoon. I had a beautiful young girl Tomoe, stay with us for a week and I did spend a day in the craft room to make her a gift while she was here but I don't class it as part of my challenge and then Steve who work for us was away so I did some extra work and there goes the 4 weeks. 
This layout is a photo from 5 years ago wen David and I renewed our wedding vows. 
I love this photo. Don't we look so happy. xx
Here is a photo of Tomoe at the good bye party.
This is her gift I made her.
Okay so I hope I'm back on track.
See you soon. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Another week of 6

I had an enjoyable week of scrapping with many of many scrapping family. On Sunday night I did a layout while dinner was cooking. David was in charge of dinner in between racing on the PlayStation. Then I had Georgi here on Monday and also with my friend Sue Stent and her daughter Jacqui. Tuesday night Dani, Amy and Sarah came over. Then on Thursday Paige, my young friend from over the road came.
So this is how you get 6 pages done in 1 week. 
Layout one. My daring Grandson once again is my focus. Awesome photo that Jamie Boon took. So are the photos in layout 2.
Layout 2 is also Charlie. I have used some scrabble tiles from an old game that my friend Al Hannah allowed me have went we went shopping and found one game. Needed 2 so we didn't have to fight over this one. No fighting she graciously let me have it. Thanks Al, you're awesome.
Okay layout 3 are my men. Husband and 2 sons. Boy oh boy, do I love these fella's. This is a photo I took the day of Geoff & Georgi's wedding.
I love the tag that looks like wood grain. Kaisercraft clear stamp. Oh once again thanks Al for the idea.  Oh and it's called scrap booking so the scrap I used in this is the work FAMILY, I cut it out of the newspaper.
Layout 4 is my oh my goodness layout. I started it weeks ago, pulled it apart, started again, pulled it apart and started again. Now the finished product is here. David and his BMW.
Layout 5 I love. This is one of my most favorite photos I took in India. Don't ask me why cause I can't answer, I just love it. The buttons on the bottom are from My mother-in-laws button collection that I was blessed to inherent. The bangles are from the 100's I bought in India. The bottom corner is a rub on which I highlighted with Kaisercraft pearls.
Layout 6 is Me and Donna at my brother brother Geoff's wedding. Sadly we lost Geoff in 1980. Loved him then and always will. I was mature enough to wear white shoes however I am envious of Donna's red ones.
Well, what a week. Don't think it'll happen again this week but who knows.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sari Shopping

This week I have just one layout and it's of a fun day when I went to visit Megan in Chennai.
I stood out there with my white skin and blond hair and even with the sari didn't look like I belonged. 

I made the flower at the top of the page and the ribbon with buttons at the bottom myself. It was fun combining my love of sewing and fabric with my love of scrap booking.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Couple Of Quickies.

This week I tried to finish a layout that I picked the photo for and couldn't get it going. I still have not completed it. However I did do a couple of page layouts this afternoon. I don't got out to my bungalow to scrap very often on my own but did today. I said I was going out for an hour and so David was going to play GT5 on his Play station. 
So 4 1/2 hours later I ventured back inside the house and David was sitting in the dark playing. No lights on, that would mean putting down the control to get up and flick the switch. 

The first layout is from when I went to India and we went up to St Thomas Mount on my first day there. 
One of my favorite scriptures in the bible is 
Matthew 5:14“You are the light of the world, a city on a hill cannot be hidden.
When we went up the mountain this was painted on the concrete fence. Think it was to welcome me.

Next is a couple of photo's of 2 of my favorite kids in the world. I now have my own real life grandchild Charlie, however I have these 2 pretend grand kids. I do truly adore Anzac and Lola. They a such little darlings. This day was a fun day. 
The strip that I put our names on is the waste border on the bottom of the page. 
 For the bunting I cut the triangles and put the letters on. Then when I put it on the page it blended too well, so I put the mounting strip behind it. I did border the bunting with some good ole kind glitz.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Week 24 & 25 with 4 More

Over the last 2 weeks I have done 4 more layouts. The first one was one that I was supposed to do at Crop 4 A Cause Retreat in May 2011 and never had done. I wasn't until I stole some bits out of the kit to do my layout of Mum & Charlie that I thought, do it girl. 
The photo is of me waiting at the airport to go to India to see my Friend Megan and her family in March 2009
 Next is a layout with a photo of my very special friend Si (Simon Davies) that I took when working at the Kaisercraft outlet in Geelong. I called it indescribable friend as that what he is. 
In this layout I tired a few more things like the penned boarder  and just writing a note on it. Also the stamps have significance as the ones at the bottom are from India and the ones on the photo of Si are from Wales which is Welsh ground. (just so happens my Dad's family are from Wales).
Si is special to me and I treasure his friendship so much.
He gave me the strength to be me at times when I didn't like myself. He encouraged me to travel at I don't think I would have taken to trip to India if it hadn't been for him. 
Thanks Si, I love you.

Okay on to this last week. I have 2 layouts that I have completed and i have chosen the photos for a third but don't think I'll be scraping this weekend so thought I'd put this week up now. 

The first for this week is an old photo of my Dad's family which i guess was taken in about 1923 as my Dad is youngest boy and was born in 1919. Aunty Marg the youngest of the family is the only surviving member, as Uncle Id passed away recently at 95 years young.
Okay and the last for the week is called BLISS. 
When I went to India to see Megan we had the most amazing 24 hours at a Taj resort. Not the sort of place you can afford to stay for a week but we did manage one night. When we arrived they sat us in the lovely waiting area and bought us cool lime drinks and a shell necklace to wear. We were then shown our rooms and then we headed straight for the pool area. 
Upon arriving at the pool we noticed 2 separate areas, one for families and one for snobby bitches, like us, that didn't want kids running around and splashing in the pool. We spent the majority of our time lazing, relaxing, reading and drinking cool drinks. Every now and then we popped into the pool to cool off. 
It was hard work, NOT. Mmmm Bliss.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Six Page Layouts.

This last week I've had a great week when it comes to scrapping. Georgi has been over and when we go out to the Bungalow it's all systems go.
Layout 1
Me Loving Life.
Layout 2
I did this page layout on the weekend with Georgi. I was so stumped with it to begin with. I had it on grey card stock and just wasn't feeling it. So Georgi suggested a background with writing and when I found this we both agreed on it. It was Georgi's idea to put on an envelope and to put the wax seal on it.  It was also Georgi's idea to make the stamp header at the top of the page. I suppose I picked the photos and to put the old stamps in the envelope. So thanks Georgi for all your help with this age that I love so much.

Layout 3
Hunter The Red Nosed Healer
This was such a fun layout to do as I got into Christmas mode and started getting excited for out first Christmas this year with out awesome grandson Charlie. 
Layout 4
New Years
This was layout I used a Stampin Up stamp that is flowers but I thought it looked like fireworks. Easy bit of fun.
Layout 5
Love this photo. 
It was taken just before the boys left to head to Eumeralla for the wedding. 
I love these 3 men so much that I can't describe it.
Layout 6 
Mum & Charlie
Mum & Charlie this is a beautiful photo of my Mum with Charlie the day he came home from his 8 day stay in hospital after his birth. He is so blessed to have not only all 4 of his grandparents, he also has his Great Nana Whitworth and did have Great Nana Anderson for 6 weeks of his life. Mum hates having her photo taken but she looks beautiful when she doesn't know we're taking them. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Wedding

Geoff & Georgi were married 2 weeks ago.
The wedding for the year went beautifully. I so loved the day. There was a sprinkle of rain as Georgi arrived so up with the umbrellas and on with the show.
The destination was Eumeralla Scout Camp Open Chapel and it is so lovely there. Hadn't been there before but want to go again and see someone's wedding. I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of having an outdoor wedding.
Anyway, Georgi looked absolutely beautiful and my boy Geoff looked so handsome.
They both seemed so relaxed and happy all day and night. Proud is not a big enough word to explain my emotions.
My 3 men
 And now I've joined in.
 Mum & Son
 Geoff, Sam Greg & Dom
 All at the car ready to go.
 Georgi & Charlie.
 Waiting for the bride.
The Boys
The Bridesmaids

 Georgi & her dad Jeff.  
The hand over

Lets get this show on the road

Happily Married

David was MC.
 Let the party begin.
 Mum, Me & Donna.
 It's the frame thing.
 The happy family.
 Greg & Megan.
Sam, Donna, Craig & Mik.
 Me & my hubby
 Greg, Nana & Loz
 Cutting the cake.
 David & Greg.
 Charlie with his Daddy & his Poppy.
 David & Loz.
 Theatrical framing.
 Loving in laws.
 Cousins, Bri, Jess, Geoff & Greg.
 And then there were 6, add Mik & Sam
 My family Ian, Neil, Donna, Mum, Rod, Me & Craig (Blackey)
 Greg Me Megan & David. Love the happiness in this photo.
 Mr & Mrs Anderson dancing with Charlie.
 Me & David Dancing cheek to cheek.
 Elaina & Izzy still going. A big day and no nap.