Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Barista Competition

Last night I competed in the Madcap Barista Competition.
I was so nervous and it's ridiculous because it's what we do every day.
In the morning, well around lunch time, I went with Estelle to Kakaloka in Melbourne to see the company and meet with Nadine Norman who is the 2011 Danes Gourmet Barista Champion. It was amazing to meet her and get training and tips from her. A truly beautiful young lady.

Then in the evening I went to Madcap Geelong to compete against my work team. It was so good to just have a go.
Anthony Cheeseman
and Nadine were the judges and we won't find out for 3 weeks, who the 3 are from Geelong cafe who will go on to compete against the other Madcap cafe winners from Fountain Gate and Dandenong.
I feel so privileged to work somewhere so inspiring and encouraging in all aspects. It doesn't matter if you win or not it's just the chance you get to try to improve on your every day skills in making excellent coffee.
I am so greatful to work for Madcap. The opportunity to go to a great place to work make great food and coffee and support people who need the opportunity to be trained to get back into the work force after being out due to mental health is just a blessing.

4 x Single Espresso shots
4 x Latte
4 x Cappuccino 
All in ten minutes.
Made it with 10 seconds to spare.


  1. Chezzie my darling friend :) so glad to hear from you over at my blog :) Miss you and hope we can catch up soon.... we live close to each other now :)
    Hope you are well xoxoxo

  2. Good effort with the barista stuff ... 10 seconds to spare, way to go Chez x