Wednesday, November 2, 2011


With life changing and offers being made to me on my future working opportunities and am excited and fearful at the same time.
I have had an offer made to me which is probably the most amazing thing I could have imagined.
I had doubt that I could do it, as my own self worth is often not what it could be.
If I wasn't up for it I wouldn't have had it offered to me.
I cannot reveal the position until it's made public so it sounds confusing.
This morning I had a peek at Joyce Meyer's Tweets and read
Do you fear failure?
You don't have to.
That is all I had to read to realise that Fear is not of God.
I can do all things through He who strengthens me.
I have been offered an opportunity and I will embrace it.
 Photos form my backyard.
If God loves me enough to give us flowers and birds, then surely he will give us the desires of our heart if we just ask.

Hopefully next update will be to share the new position I have.

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  1. Chezzie, it's so good to read that you are realising you ARE capable of great things. I wish you nothing but the BEST always xo