Monday, October 17, 2011


My Mum, where do I start.
This is a Photo at a family day at the You Yangs last year. Mum loves family time...

Well I'm starting at right now.
Yesterday we moved mum into Costa House in low level, low care. It was her decision to go and I'm so glad she did. It is so lovely over there and the staff are amazing.
She has been getting more and more confused over the past couple of months and with a couple of recent falls thought it was a good idea.
Donna my baby sister has been Mum's carer and it's a huge responsibility and I probably don 't know the half of it.
I am so very proud of her.
Donna at the same You Yangs day..
I have spoken to Don this morning and Mum had 6 hours straight sleep last night and that is very good for her. I feel that is a great start for her. 
Mum is a great mum. She had a tough start to life, giving up school to help care for her family when her Mum passed away, when she was only about 13 years for age. 
She married Dad, who already had Lorraine from his first marriage and went on to have 7 of her own children to raise. Then as the last of us got married, Dad went into Flinders Lodge with Motor Neurone Disease. 
She is always caring for someone and it's amazing to see that she still has an amazing heart and cares for and worries about everyone of her Children, Grand children and Great grand children.
Love you Mum. You are amazing. xxxx
Me, Mum & Donna at my fiftieth. Not the best of me & Don but best of us with Mum on the day.
This ones better of us but not of Mum. Had to publish both. Fairs fair.
Love you so much Don.. You are awesome.


  1. I love your positive outlook on life Chez ... I know life is hard sometimes but you know it's the right thing for your Mum ... and she's in a safe place where she can be really cared for. Giving up the safeness of your family home where your Mum lived for quite some time isn't easy but hold on to the wonderful memories. Love you loads Chez x

  2. I also meant to say that the first photo of you, your Mum and Donna is beautiful! x