Thursday, October 27, 2011


Is it appropriate to run late and not notify people of your lateness?
Are you being selfish when you put what is best for you ahead of what is best for someone else?
Why do we tend to put others before ourselves if it will harm our self worth?
If we don't love ourselves how can we love others?
Does the sun come out every day for us?
Does the sun go down and the stars shine for me?
Do I deserve the best life has to offer me?
Is my time as important as yours?
Am I a priority or an option?
 Do I love my life?
Am I happy?
Do I get sad?
Do I miss people who are not in my life anymore?
Do I have regrets?
Are you one?
Am I strong?
Are you shocked at what I can do?
Have I grown as a person?
Am I proud?
Is the sun shining now?
Am I smiling?
Are you smiling?
Is everything going to be alright?
Is everything going to be great?
Do you look for the good in things?
Is your glass half full or half empty?
Do you like to drink a glass of milk?
Would it make you think of being a kid again?
Do you remember being a kid?
Do you hug people?
Would you like a hug?
Does laughing make you feel good?
Do you laugh enough?
Do you walk bare feet on the grass?
Do you sing in the shower?
Even if your voice isn't the greatest do you sing out loud?
Are you singing now?
Is it out loud or in your head?
What is your favorite memory at this moment?
Do you like ice cream with nuts and topping?
Do you like coke burps?
Do you like swimming?
Can life get too hard sometimes?
Do you  stop to prioritize yourself?
If birds were people would they sit and what TV at night instead of snuggling under each others wings?
If you could change the colors of the rainbow would you?
Is the smell of cut grass a good memory?
Can you sometimes smell it when it's going to rain?
Do you like that smell?
Do streams run or just enjoy the ride?
If streams had arms, would they raise them high when going fast and say WEEEEEEEEEE?
Am I crazy?
Do I care?
Do I feel good?
Am I smiling?
Do I love to have long showers?
Am I going to have one now?
La la la. La lala la...Hmmmm hmmm lalalala

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  1. LOL ... what a great post. I love this ... there's lots there to keep you thinking. And empowered :) I have seen that quote above before, and I do love it. I need to remember that a little sometimes xo