Monday, September 19, 2011

Emily. The Little French Girl.

Emily, the little French girl...
We cannot understand her and she us, however it does not stop her talking to us. On day one she was a little shy with us adults but there was an instant connection with the children. No one understanding each other but playing like they did and could understand the language of play.
We didn’t see her on day 2 but then on day 3, here we all are again.  Two Filipino children, 1 Filipino adult & 2 Aussie adults, I suit here at the edge in the shade of the umbrella. As I’m reading, every now and then look up to watch them play! Everyone else is the pool.  As David takes 8 year old Sarah to the deep end she calls out for her Mumma, three quarters in fun and one quarter in slight fear of the unknown.
While I sit, young Emily runs to me with many worrying words of concern and the only one I understand is Mumma. She is pointing to David and Sarah at the deep end. She is telling me in her way that he should take her back to her Mumma. Absolute beauty!
As we all sit, her Mumma & Pappa over the other side of the pool watch on. Three nationalities all together enjoying life the only separation is language.
I remember on Sunday afternoon as Emily and her Mumma sat at the pools edge, we wondered is there a father to this family or were it just mother and daughter. A sad but common fact, that often a family is now only one parent. Then, with the most glorious joy in her voice he arrives, Pappa. She runs to greet him and the kiss as though it has been forever, however it was only this morning.
Now this afternoon as we all enjoy the day and Pappa enters the pools, she speaks to tell us something about Pappa. We don’t know any of her words except Pappa. Once again, as she did with Sarah, she was looking out now for her Pappa. He Translates “You splashed my Pappa”. Her concern for him was beautiful, the way life should be. Caring for others! 

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