Monday, October 24, 2011

Vege Patch

Last week we packed up Mum's unit for her to go into Costa House. There was so much to pack up and so many things to decide what was to be kept and by who. I have Mum's bed and whenever I need I can lay on it and feel close to her. I got her old sewing box that I can't remember not having in the old kitchen at Florence street whenever we needed to mend something. Also I have the old jug that Mum always had cordial made up in whenever we wanted a drink. They are some things that I am so proud to have. An old lolly tin with sewing needles. Who needs fancy containers when you can have an old tin, that is full of old needles and memories.
Anyway there was bit and pieces that were too good to get rid of but not something that anyone needed. One thing was Mum's TV until that Blacky (my brother Craig) had made many years ago out of Oregon from a pergola. It was a fantastic unit and the most solid piece of furniture ever but with TV's getting bigger the size was not quite appropriate for today's TV's. David thought it would make a great risen vege patch but I was a little concerned thinking that it was disrespectful of Blacky's work all those years ago.
When I went to Mum's the other night it was there and going to the op shop as no-one was having it. No way I was letting that happen so in the van it went and we took it home.
So now it's our vege box and hopefully in a couple of months I'll show you a photo of all our wonderful crop of vege's.

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