Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What A Month.

Well it's just over a month since my last update and I can't believe the month I've had. To say the least it has been a different than I imagined. I thought I'd be celebrating the amazing position I was offered at Madcap and there is no celebration.
I said in my last post that I had been offered a position of a lifetime. I resigned from Madcap to work locally in the Bannockburn cafe. On my last day at Madcap, Greg Aimers, a man who helped me through a trying couple of months, came to me and asked if I'd stay on at Madcap and just help with the training of the new trainees. Which meant being a task mentor and showing them the way we do different stations in the Cafe. I spoke to one of the previous trainees who had just finished the six month, that the trainee ship runs for and I asked how they found the training over their six months and was told "what training".
I didn't have to think any longer, I felt that there was a lacking with this area in the cafe and wanted to see that each trainee has someone to show them each area and also they could go to and ask for assistance if there is something they didn't understand without feeling that they were not coping with the situation.
I went to Paul at Bannockburtn cafe and explained to him the situation and he was so understaning, so I took 2 weeks off and in the first week helped Paul to just get the cafe a little more smooth.
I had Cherie to work with and together got the cafe the coffee reputation they had lost. They went from horrible coffee, to awesome coffee. Go Banno Cafe.
On the 14th of November I restarted at Madcap and was very very nervous and so excited at the same time. I met and got to know the new trainees and new I had made the correct decision.
The went went smoothly and I felt an instant connection with the 7 trainees.
On week 2, I had a really bad feeling in my stomach on the weekend. Greg was a great support and was taking the week off. Noooo, to soon.
Monday morning was a little difficult, I heard that Pathways were querying my position. Tuesday there was an extremely tense feeling in the cafe as some staff were unable to make shifts. I offered to work on the Sunday to help out if necessary. All seemed okay when I left on the Tuesday. 
Here we go, Wednesday morning when I was driving to work I called David to just hear his voice as I had an uneasy feeling. Couldn't put my finger on it, just not comfortable. 
When I got to the cafe there were some people there to catch up with Louise, this is the beginning.
I sat with the trainees to start going through there introduction to the Cert 3 in retail which is a part of the trainee ship.
Half way through I was called into the office for a talk with the powers from above. No it wasn't God. 
As soon as I entered the office I new this was bad. 
Chez what is your position here was the first question I remember, then from there I felt that my dream job was to turn into a nightmare.
I can't really remember the questions as I was in shock. There were things asked about why and what I was doing and the main thing I remember is "YOUR POSITION DOESN'T EXIST".
I work in the cafe, I serve the customers, take coffee and food out to the customers, bring dishes in from the dining area, wash dishes, along with showing the trainees the use of the register.
I was crying uncontrollably. How can this be?
The End of Madcap was happening.
When I had resigned to work at Bannockburn I was struggling at Madcap. There is so much she said you said and bickering going on. People in general are not happy there and when Paul offered for me to go to work with him I thought, close to home. 20 minutes travel a day not 1 hour. No car parking fees, less petrol consumption and 10 am til 2.30 pm Monday to Friday. What a dream. Then the offer from Greg. I felt so proud to be offered the position and couldn't wait.
Well off course when I worked with Cherie she took off at amazing rate with the coffee and cafe at Bannockburn and so was doing extra hours and the position I was to do is gone. I couldn't stay and work at Madcap as I had previously, as if anything the place was becoming a disaster for the staff. The amount of distress I see there is so worrying. It is wrong for people who work in a place that gives trainee ships to people with mental health conditions to be becoming depressed and anxious. 
So now I'm officially working with David at our motor mechanics business a little to help out and wait upon God to giver me direction for my future. I know that I will be fine and I will do anything I can to support to beautiful people I made a relationship at Madcap. 
To Anthony Cheeseman, you are an inspiring man who by starting Madcap has made an amazing difference in peoples lives. Not only the sufferers of Mental health but also their support people, carers and families. May God bless you abundantly. 
To Ed, at Kakaloka, I thank you for being an amazing man and supplying the best coffee I have had and worked with and being and great man. 
To my co workers of Madcap Geelong I love you and have had a great time working with you. 
To Pathways Geelong you have a responsibility to the people who are working in the cafe and I pray you step up and make things right. I believe in Madcap and pray that all things will be repaired.
Goodbye to the last 7 months. 

Now for the great part of the last month.

On Saturday the 12th we went for a drive with Greg and Megan to Bendigo. I knew what we were up to and told David we were going to go for a drive with them to visit Megan's uncle. David didn't believe me but went along. He told me later in the day he thought it was something to do with a car. 
We found the address that we had and when we pulled up Greg said. "dad we are here to get your Christmas present now go pick one.
This is a photo from trading post. How do you pick ONE? We spent a lot of time to get to know all these little ones and ended up choosing our new family member.
Isn't he so cute.
This is Hunter. He was born on September 15th and he is our spoiled baby.
First Walk.

So yes, I do think he is the best dog in the world. Except when he uses me as a chew toy for his baby teeth. And he is the most clever dog ever. There will be many photos added over time as he is so cute. Oh I think I said that already.
This is my desk top at the moment.
Thanks for reading, see you later.

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  1. It's good that you blogged about this ... so good to look back in time at your re-cap and see far you have come from how you felt about all of this at Madcap.
    And look at little Hunter ... he really has the "aww" factor. Look at him bounding through your garden. Too cute.
    Take care of yourself my friend xo