Friday, October 14, 2011

Apple Blossom

On Thursday I was happily wandering around the garden and thought about the apple blossom. The tree is covered in blossom at the moment and it looks great. Proves that in my earlier blog about pruning we did okay.
I thought about the fact that things you can buy at fragrant apple blossom but I have never actually smelt it. It is so beautiful and naturally so sweet. It looks great and it also smells great.
This morning while walking around the garden again the breeze came across and as the blossom was falling I thought it may be what snow is like when falling.
Take some time while out and about if you see fruit tress with blossom to have a smell.
Don't we take some thing for granted. Really blossom comes and goes so quickly that we can't wait for the fruit, however without the blossom there wouldn't be any fruit.

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