Monday, October 10, 2011

Safety Warning

House work is a health hazard if not done in correct safety gear.
I love my Tefal Express Iron. It is one of the best house hold appliances I have bought in my adult life.
It cuts ironing time done and gives great results. I could sell these for a living, I love it that much.
Isn't it great.
Okay that being said, There is dangers to be had for not wearing safety gear such as pants and t shirts.
Underwear is a risk when it comes to high pressure steam irons. 
Unfortunately I speak through experience.
My Tummy
Yes, I was ironing in my underwear and I did burn my tummy. May not look that bad to you but if it was on your tummy you'd think it was bad.
Lesson to self "wear protective clothing when ironing".

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