Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New start

I have had trouble updating my chezloveslife blog so today I started a fresh. My new blog Chezziegirl is for me to journal my days.
I turned 50, 12 days ago and it's not old.
Today I was duty manager at Madcap Cafe Geelong where I work.
I felt we had a good day.
After work I went and watched my Boys Geoff & Gregg play Dodgeball. Yes it's a real game and it is so good.
On my way home from there I listened to Focus on the Family and heard a story on Melissa Ohden. An Abortion Attempt Survivor. One totally amazing Story.
As i look at the ultrasound picture of my 13 week Grand Baby I see life is totally amazing, 7 cm long and we can see the mouth, hands, feet. It is a tiny baby. A living being.

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