Thursday, October 6, 2011


R & R, Relax and Redo.
I know it's not what everyone thinks when they hear R&R but yesterday I was going to go to Werribee Zoo with friend, however poor, poor Sand was feeling poorly and so we have postponed our visit to see the animals.
Okay, so since we've been at Lethbridge there are a few things that I still haven't been able to lay hands on and I decided to spend some time looking for my rotary cutter so I can start the quilt for Baby Anderson.
I went through some drawers, then one thing led to another and before you know it I was in the front bedroom rearranging.
We have had our clothes in the wardrobes in the front room since we moved in and hopefully it won't be long before we have our friend April visiting from the Philippines.
That said, we had 4 old wardrobes in the front room and the back room was supposed to be where we have our clothes. We already had 1 wardrobe in the back room so it seamed quite easy a solution. Wrong.
First thing first, get our clothes out of the front room. then get the wardrobes out of the front room, all except one to stay there for use.
Well, 1 old chook (me) and furniture to be moved, makes for fun. I nearly gave up at one stage thinking I'd wait for David to come home, then I became determined to have it finished to show him.
It would have been so good to have it recorded to look back at and laugh at my moving skills but it's not so use your imagination. I must say, I puffed and panted and pushed and pulled and got it all done. Went out to the garage and got the bed and put it together and now instead of a storage room we have a spare room just waiting for April to arrive. 

Now that is the story of the redo and now that relax.
Last night after a busy day of redoing, I felt so wonderfully relaxed.
It was an amazing day. I was by my self, at home all day, doing what I want and even though there were a few though nearly give up moments I felt so relaxed at the end of the day.
I love my home very much and am so blessed to have this place of comfort and peace to call our own.

Oh, by the way I didn't find my roatry cutter. Maybe today, I don't start work til 1pm.

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  1. Gee Chez, that is a HUGE effort. Good for you! The room looks really great, well done x