Saturday, September 3, 2011

Work and Stuff

Well I had a couple of days off work but went back yesterday (Friday) and all is back to normal. Well as normal as it gets at Madcap Geelong. Yikes. I think it was my second hardest day since the business started. No names or explanations just a hard day. 
Got home last night to watch the footy. Oh it was so great to see Geelong thrash Collingwood. It's good to beat any team but such a victory over them is, hmmmm just awesome.
Work again today. Saturday
I find it so hard to comprehend how people can work in the same place day after day and not have the initiative to do what needs doing without being told over and over again. Is it really that hard.
David went off to Ultimate fighting with Greg and some others so I took then opportunity to go visit Meggie Purdy and the kids. She is one amazingly great friend. I so enjoy her company.
Home now. Got in at 11 pm, made a batch of Yummy balls to take a plate to Church tomrrow for fathers day, dishes done and in bed by 11.30... NICE.
Well this fantastic sunny Saturday is drawing to an end so it's good night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite. xx

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