Friday, June 22, 2012

Week 24 & 25 with 4 More

Over the last 2 weeks I have done 4 more layouts. The first one was one that I was supposed to do at Crop 4 A Cause Retreat in May 2011 and never had done. I wasn't until I stole some bits out of the kit to do my layout of Mum & Charlie that I thought, do it girl. 
The photo is of me waiting at the airport to go to India to see my Friend Megan and her family in March 2009
 Next is a layout with a photo of my very special friend Si (Simon Davies) that I took when working at the Kaisercraft outlet in Geelong. I called it indescribable friend as that what he is. 
In this layout I tired a few more things like the penned boarder  and just writing a note on it. Also the stamps have significance as the ones at the bottom are from India and the ones on the photo of Si are from Wales which is Welsh ground. (just so happens my Dad's family are from Wales).
Si is special to me and I treasure his friendship so much.
He gave me the strength to be me at times when I didn't like myself. He encouraged me to travel at I don't think I would have taken to trip to India if it hadn't been for him. 
Thanks Si, I love you.

Okay on to this last week. I have 2 layouts that I have completed and i have chosen the photos for a third but don't think I'll be scraping this weekend so thought I'd put this week up now. 

The first for this week is an old photo of my Dad's family which i guess was taken in about 1923 as my Dad is youngest boy and was born in 1919. Aunty Marg the youngest of the family is the only surviving member, as Uncle Id passed away recently at 95 years young.
Okay and the last for the week is called BLISS. 
When I went to India to see Megan we had the most amazing 24 hours at a Taj resort. Not the sort of place you can afford to stay for a week but we did manage one night. When we arrived they sat us in the lovely waiting area and bought us cool lime drinks and a shell necklace to wear. We were then shown our rooms and then we headed straight for the pool area. 
Upon arriving at the pool we noticed 2 separate areas, one for families and one for snobby bitches, like us, that didn't want kids running around and splashing in the pool. We spent the majority of our time lazing, relaxing, reading and drinking cool drinks. Every now and then we popped into the pool to cool off. 
It was hard work, NOT. Mmmm Bliss.


  1. Love your layouts Chez x
    I left a comment here a few days ago, and it has gone??