Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Wedding

Geoff & Georgi were married 2 weeks ago.
The wedding for the year went beautifully. I so loved the day. There was a sprinkle of rain as Georgi arrived so up with the umbrellas and on with the show.
The destination was Eumeralla Scout Camp Open Chapel and it is so lovely there. Hadn't been there before but want to go again and see someone's wedding. I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of having an outdoor wedding.
Anyway, Georgi looked absolutely beautiful and my boy Geoff looked so handsome.
They both seemed so relaxed and happy all day and night. Proud is not a big enough word to explain my emotions.
My 3 men
 And now I've joined in.
 Mum & Son
 Geoff, Sam Greg & Dom
 All at the car ready to go.
 Georgi & Charlie.
 Waiting for the bride.
The Boys
The Bridesmaids

 Georgi & her dad Jeff.  
The hand over

Lets get this show on the road

Happily Married

David was MC.
 Let the party begin.
 Mum, Me & Donna.
 It's the frame thing.
 The happy family.
 Greg & Megan.
Sam, Donna, Craig & Mik.
 Me & my hubby
 Greg, Nana & Loz
 Cutting the cake.
 David & Greg.
 Charlie with his Daddy & his Poppy.
 David & Loz.
 Theatrical framing.
 Loving in laws.
 Cousins, Bri, Jess, Geoff & Greg.
 And then there were 6, add Mik & Sam
 My family Ian, Neil, Donna, Mum, Rod, Me & Craig (Blackey)
 Greg Me Megan & David. Love the happiness in this photo.
 Mr & Mrs Anderson dancing with Charlie.
 Me & David Dancing cheek to cheek.
 Elaina & Izzy still going. A big day and no nap.

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  1. Hey Chez... looks like a wonderful day was had by all..HEAPS of photos for you to scrap now :)
    Everyone looks so happy