Monday, June 11, 2012

Six Page Layouts.

This last week I've had a great week when it comes to scrapping. Georgi has been over and when we go out to the Bungalow it's all systems go.
Layout 1
Me Loving Life.
Layout 2
I did this page layout on the weekend with Georgi. I was so stumped with it to begin with. I had it on grey card stock and just wasn't feeling it. So Georgi suggested a background with writing and when I found this we both agreed on it. It was Georgi's idea to put on an envelope and to put the wax seal on it.  It was also Georgi's idea to make the stamp header at the top of the page. I suppose I picked the photos and to put the old stamps in the envelope. So thanks Georgi for all your help with this age that I love so much.

Layout 3
Hunter The Red Nosed Healer
This was such a fun layout to do as I got into Christmas mode and started getting excited for out first Christmas this year with out awesome grandson Charlie. 
Layout 4
New Years
This was layout I used a Stampin Up stamp that is flowers but I thought it looked like fireworks. Easy bit of fun.
Layout 5
Love this photo. 
It was taken just before the boys left to head to Eumeralla for the wedding. 
I love these 3 men so much that I can't describe it.
Layout 6 
Mum & Charlie
Mum & Charlie this is a beautiful photo of my Mum with Charlie the day he came home from his 8 day stay in hospital after his birth. He is so blessed to have not only all 4 of his grandparents, he also has his Great Nana Whitworth and did have Great Nana Anderson for 6 weeks of his life. Mum hates having her photo taken but she looks beautiful when she doesn't know we're taking them. 

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  1. WOW you have been scrapping up a storm Chezzie :) LOVE the one of your Mum and Charlie...lots of fussy cutting in this one :)