Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cafe Critic

I have always loved cafes and have worked in a few different ones over the years. I have a passion for customer service and a lovely coffee or tea  is so good for your soul.

Around August last year (2016) while out for dinner I commented on how much I missed working in hospitality, just a passing remark. About 6 weeks later I went out to have a chat with Sarah Chaney and the best place to find her was at the Little Teapot cafe (which was still under construction). I spent some time with her and tried to lend a hand over the next week getting it ready with them to open on 27th October.

God hears and answers and now I work at Little Teapot 4 to 5 days a week. If you are interested in knowing more have a read on our website.

So moving on, I have been over the last few months having lots of Lattes at lots of cafes checking out the opposition and learning from fellow cafe owners and staff.

I have decided to start to share my experiences while trying to be honest and fair to the places we visit.

I do have a couple of favorites which I highly recommend

Two Wrens Cafe, Address355 Torquay Rd, Grovedale VIC 3216

Euphoric Food Cafe Address3/1135 Surf Coast Hwy, Mount Duneed VIC 3216

Today we went for lunch to

Cafe Zoo Address23 High St, Drysdale VIC 3222

So,,,,Our initial reaction

On walking into the Cafe was a little disappointing, it as our first visit and we went through to the counter area where there were a few people around (customers and staff) and while trying not to be impatient, remember I do work in this industry not one staff member while bustling around us made any sort of contact with us. There were 2 other ladies also wondering how you order and about the menu situation, they asked a young woman staff member. The advice as not graciously given.
I over heard her tell the other ladies that you order at the counter and that menus are on the tables.

We went and found a table and sat and read the menu..
The variety was good and soon enough we had chosen and ordered.

The coffee came out quickly which was lovely not to have to wait long. It was quite busy and you expect that it takes time to make your meal and to be able to sit and sip your coffee is restful.
Latte, well it wasn't great. I have not long given up sugar in my lattes however only from great ones. Today I added sugar. David even added sugar to his which he cut out early last year.
We sat chatted and enjoyed the atmosphere.

They have bottles of water to help yourself to and I was delighted that they have sparkling water on tap that I could purchase. Yes that was a very special highlight for me.

Now for our meal

I ordered the Breakfast Panini ( 2 eggs, 2 bacon rashes, cheese and relish) and it was amazing.
The flavours were so delicious. Just the right amount of everything.
Cooked to perfection and although I didn't need to as it was a good size serve I ate every morsel.
David ordered the breakfast Panini with a twist (take out the eggs and add tomato, avocado & baby spinach)
He enjoyed his however found the relish a little overpowering. He would have it again just omitting the relish

In summary, 
the overall experience wasn't as great as I had hoped due to the lack of initial contact. The person at the drink counter was lovely and the guy who served our meals great.
The tables are emptied and cleaned rapidly once people leave making way for next customers.
The tables were clean however had a sticky consistency which as annoying.
Temperature inside was comfortable.
The toilets were clean but the toilet floors a little grubby mainly due to water from the very small basin splashing onto the floor.

I had read some pretty harsh reviews on the facebook page and they were not my experience at all. You can never know the quantity of staff you will need day to day. You can be under staffed or over staffed as so much comes down to weather. They had enough staff but a couple didn't seem like they really wanted to be there or maybe didn't like their job. My thoughts are if you don't like people don't work in hospitality.

I will go back and I do recommend it.

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