Thursday, April 12, 2012

Running Behind

I have been a little slow in the uploading of my layouts for the last few weeks.
I missed doing a layout 3 weeks ago and did 2 layouts 2 weeks ago, then only 1 layout last week.
I have been enjoying my knitting the last couple of weeks and so have been slack with the scrap booking. 
The layout below is an easy peasy layout. It is from a day when I had Anzac and Lola for a couple of hours and Lola had a nap while Anzac and I made cupcakes. It was much fun.
This next layout is a bit of fun that was had with the Derham's, while we had the opportunity to stay with them.
Now this last layout is of David when we went to Healesville for our wedding anniversary last year. Happy 30 years my love.
On the bike I inked it then rubbed some rub & buff in places to highlight them. Made a nice finish.

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