Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Yay, I'm a Nanny

Okay, The news is in. On Saturday February 25th Geoff And Georgi had an amazing, precious little boy. Charles Llewellyn Anderson.Georgi is doing an amazing job. Poor Charlie has had a few set backs with his health and Georgi is being a trouper. I am a very proud Nanny and David is as proud a Poppy as I.

 Oh and I did get a layout done last week but didn't get around to putting it up cause I was busy thinking about my little Charlie. 
This layout is of Donna and myself at Geoff & Georgi's engagement party in February 2011 at the Lord of the Isles. 
The comment if you can't read it say's "Cherish the moments for they to, become memories".

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