Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wow To Week 4 Layout

Okay, I had a craft night with Danielle Krivan ( and Amy Constantine ( Tuesday night and got 2 layouts done as well as lots of chatting and a great fun night.
So anyhow, I thought my personal rules for the 52 week layout is not a page per week but if I do 2 or even more pages in a week that would only count as 1 week. That way I will not have a big week and have a stock pile waiting to be posted.
Week 4 sees me posting 2 layouts.
The first is of my puppy, who is a naughty little bright light in my life. 

I'm sure he thinks I can't see him here. Just a like a little kid. Cute hey.

In this second  layout it’s just some of photos I love is my Apricot tree. I love having fruit trees. The sun comes through them in winter when they are bare and then we use then for shade in the spring summer. On to autumn we get to watch them loose there leaves and prepare us for the coming cold.
Oh and they extra blessing in all this is we get to eat the fruit. I so enjoyed eating fruit straight from the tree and sharing them with the birds. I know people get annoyed   the birds but I love to see them come and share. And yes Hunter does love to share a fresh apricot with me. He also loves banana & grapes. He only eats strawberries if they are cut up. Fussy little bugger.

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  1. Chez I am so happy to see you scrapping away. Yay for you! Love those photos of Hunter Dog ... he looks so little in those pics! Yum yum apricots - deliciousness x